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Apple will release iPad with more powerful hardware in March 2024

Apple is preparing to release new iPad models, which promise to be a significant update to the company’s line of tablets.

According to Bloomberg, company plans to announce new products around March 2024.

The assortment of fresh iPads will include the iPad Air based on the M2 processor, the iPad mini with the A15 Bionic chip, and an updated version of the base iPad model.

Additionally, work is underway on a redesigned iPad Pro, which is expected to be the biggest update since the current generation debuted in 2018.

It’s unclear whether new iPad Pro models will also launch in March or later in the year.

This step from the outside Apple seems logical given current market trends and the need for tablet hardware upgrades to remain competitive.

The new models will not only strengthen Cupertino’s position in the market, but will also offer users improved characteristics and new capabilities.

Source: Rambler

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