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A neural network for rehabilitation after a stroke was developed in Russia

Technology for the rehabilitation of patients after a stroke using artificial intelligence was developed by scientists from the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (MTUSI) and the Federal Center for Brain and Neurotechnology, reports TASS.

According to the head of the press service, Alina Khakimzyanova, this development will help those who live far from rehabilitation centers. The “trainer” evaluates the quality of the exercises, helps to develop self-confidence and a responsible attitude towards the necessary activities. Costs for patients are reduced by the fact that the device is provided for temporary use.

The AI ​​will have a constant connection with the doctor, who will create a set of exercises for the program. To use it, you will need almost any computer with Internet access, which, through the system, will be connected to a central computer in which the entire integrated information database of the clinic with generalized information about the dynamics of treatment will be stored, said Mikhail Gorodnichev, dean of the Faculty of Information Technologies at MTUCI.

About half a million people suffer a stroke each year, 31% of whom require assistance with personal care, and 20% are unable to walk independently.

It was previously reported that in 13 medical centers for stroke survivors will be created in Moldova. Patients of the republic’s municipal hospitals will have access to a full range of services.

Source: Rambler

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