Shrine: “Government cuts health care.”It’s a conflict with the majority

“This is a maneuver that lacks strategic vision and lacks the means to restore economic and investment momentum,” the Democratic Party chief said.

“This is a budget law that does not respond in any way to the difficult situation that this country is experiencing.” Democratic Party Secretary Ellie Schlein commented on the budget approved by the Council of Ministers this morning. .

“This is a maneuver without strategic vision, Democratic leaders continue, designed to provide a few gains but ultimately without measures that can restore momentum to the economy and investment. will not improve the lives of Italians, much less the lives of Italians.” Meloni’s government has once again ignored the 3.5 million poor workers it has ignored by not addressing their wages, which remain among the lowest in Europe. person. ”

Medical questions and answers

Schlein then attacked the executive over health care spending and hot tea, which have fueled political controversy in recent weeks. “Healthcare, he explains, is a topic that we have asked for special attention.Giorgia Meloni has provided even the $7 billion that was needed this year to avoid cuts in spending levels. This means cuts in services. And don’t think about “reducing waiting lists by adding to an already maxed-out health workforce without eliminating barriers to employment.” only by burdening them with the work of. ”

The first reply to the Secretary of the Democratic Party comes from Matteo Salvini, vice-president of the Council and leader of the Alliance: “In the health sector, the Northern Alliance, who spoke during the campaign walk in Brianza in support of Adriano Galliani, The leader replied, “We are.” There is a historical record that 3 billion funds were invested in the Republic. Another 136 billion in total, and another 300 million for salaries, overtime, and waiting list reductions. Shrine won’t be satisfied with a billion, she’s against it, it’s her job to say no to everything. ”

“Start investing in them,” said Sen. Sandra Zampa, leader of the Democratic group on the Social Affairs Committee. “Then we’ll talk about it. In the meantime, to make it work. The Italians will be satisfied if we put in what we need for this. So far, the amount we have put in so far is not enough, because we are always well below 7% of GDP. ”

Mr. Cappellacci (FI): “Pd and Mr. Conte’s ‘Scissorhands’ was denied”

From the Forza Italia side, there are also some adventurous quotes from the movie. “This maneuver is a natural reversal from the ‘Scissorhands’ days of the Democratic Party and Conte,” said Hugo Capellazzi, chairman of the chamber’s social and health committee. Member of Parliament. “The plus sign characterizes this new phase, which puts the right to health at its heart. 136 billion people will be allocated in 2024, 20 billion more than the pre-COVID-19 allocation. 3 billion people That number is worth underlining.” The rampant waiting lists and the additional $2.3 billion in sector contract renewals on top of tax breaks on overtime and performance bonuses. It’s a shame that Conte and the loudest voice, Ellie Schlein, are back in the cast. Rather than discussing the merits of the proposal. ”

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