Sergio Staino, the cynical promoter of Italian politics, dies

Sergio Staino was 83 years old. He was one of the most famous Italian illustrators and cartoonists, especially known for his alter ego, the character Bobo.

Sergio Staino passed away this morning in a Florence hospital. The 83-year-old journalist and cartoonist became famous for his comic strip “Bobo,” in which the clumsy protagonist comments on Italian and international political events, with a particular focus on the Italian left. Mr. Staino, the former head of the unit, had been hospitalized for several days. He had been unwell for some time and was first hospitalized in November 2022.

Born 83 years ago in the province of Siena, he graduated in architecture and then taught technical education at various high schools in the province of Florence. In 1979 he published his first Bobo strip in comic magazine Linus. He collaborated with many newspapers and magazines over the years, including Tango, a satirical weekly magazine born within Unita, which Steino founded in 1986 and directed until it ceased publication in 1989.

Staino is best known for his iconic character, Bobo. The protagonist of his strip, Staino’s alter ego, was constantly conflicted between his loyalty to the Italian Communist Party (later the PDS, and eventually the PD) and his disillusionment with some of the party’s members. choices. From the cynical vantage point of Scandicci, he makes sarcastic comments in the paper that veil his utopian faith in Italy’s left, failing to digest the party’s “progressive” turn.

“He was an intellectual who marked an important part of the left’s imagination with his irony and intelligence and pencil.” Democratic Party Secretary Ellie Schlein reminds us of this. “We all grew up with his comics, his characters, and his great jokes. We will miss him deeply, but we hope that in the coming weeks and months, we will continue to support him and the Democratic community.” We assure you that we will remember him with great love that unites us all. We are deeply grateful.” Our condolences go out to his loved ones and those who loved and worked with him. ” Schlein commented.

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