Renzi and Calendar divorce over dispute over group (and money…)

Senators loyal to Italia Viva leader change group name at Palazzo Madama, but four members of Action (not present at the meeting) announce appeal

The Third Pole not only has no voting rights, but also no peace. Today, another episode of the unsuccessful “Matthew vs. Charles” series took place in the Senate, where a rift appeared and a rift developed with senators loyal to Renzi who voted for the changes. He changed the name of the group to IV “The Center – Renew Europe” and effectively kicked out four Action colleagues who did not attend the meeting.


“I wouldn’t have broken what he broke, but the moment he decided to break it, let’s save the melodrama for ourselves. In our own way, we go to the Senate, we go to the floor Let the best win,” Matteo Renzi said when announcing the initiative. The response was a memo from the Action Senators challenging the regularity of the vote: “Contrary to what Sen. Renzi declared to the press, we Today, no one has decided or called for the separation of intravenous and intravenous fluids. “Action group. Given that Senator Renzi has already announced thousands of times, we urge We invite you. Regarding the resolution regarding the name change, we have written to the President of the Senate to report the double violation of the statutory law.” Group leader of the “Action Italia Viva” group “Renu Enrico Borghi” The violation announced today concerns the inclusion of Senator Musolino in the group without the joint signature proposal of Borghi and Gelmini, which was explicitly foreseen in the group’s constitution, and the second with two-thirds of the votes. is lacking, and Sen. Musolino is also inappropriately considered. ”

Money problem?

In other words, a divorce between two self-centered leaders is not painful, and like all divorces, the end of love becomes just a matter of money. Calendar’s problem, whispered in Italia Viva, is that he and his three senators are not enough to form a group in the Senate. Therefore, you risk losing the resulting funds. “Rentzian’s voice is represented by deputy Francesco Bonifaggi, who has written about his support for Meloni, but will never be included in the single list,” reported Italia Viva. Attention and decided to split the groups. Mr. Calendar is now afraid of going to a mixed group and has lost the resources and TV space guaranteed by Italia Viva. So he decides to troubleshoot Together with his lawyer he tries to cause chaos. The truth is very simple: everyone goes his own way and the best wins at the European Championship. Enough of the melodrama.”

Mr. Azione’s response was given by Matteo Ricchetti, group leader of the Third Pole in the chamber (where no split has taken place at the moment): “It is normal for you that political separation is announced in the branches. Do you think – he explains – the Congress, who knows what the other side is? This has nothing to do with politics, it has nothing to do with seriousness. They want to change the name. “This is not politics, it’s politics. It’s a modestly childish little game with no action involved.”

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