Andrea Giambruno, partner of Giorgia Meloni: Italy’s first first gentleman

His career as a journalist at Mediaset, how he met Giorgia Meloni, who became his partner and the mother of his daughter, and his little-known personal life.

Italy’s first gentleman. This is the nickname that Giorgia Meloni’s partner and daughter Ginebra’s father, Andrea Giambruno, has been given for months. Since Mr. Meloni became prime minister, Mr. Giambruno has often been the center of attention for his comments and statements broadcast live on Lete 4’s “Diario del Giorno” program. When he defined migration from Africa to Europe as “transhumance,” he said: His words uttered while talking about the rapes at Palermo and Caivano: “If you avoid losing consciousness, you will probably avoid finding the wolf.” Or when he denied climate change and was corrected by a correspondent. As the situation spread on social media, Meloni requested that no further questions be asked about her partner. So who is Andrea Giambruno, the first First Gentleman in the history of the Italian Republic?

Andrea Giambruno, partner of Giorgia Meloni (votes left)

“I want to thank my family, Andrea, my daughter, my sister, my mother. More than they have been there for me, everyone I have been there for,” Giorgia said on the platform of the party committee.・These are the words spoken by Meloni. The night of the election that sealed his landslide victory.

Andrea Giambruno was born in 1981 (41 years old) from Milan and is a television journalist. He studied at the High School of Science in Monza, after which he graduated in philosophy from the Catholic University of Milan.Before becoming a host open studio He was the author of numerous Mediaset TV shows (Quinta Colonna, Matrix, Mattino 5, Stasera Italia). Giambruno is very low-key and doesn’t have an active social profile on Facebook or Instagram, so he is known for his relationship with Giorgia Meloni and their daughter Ginebra (born in 2016, when Meloni was campaigning to become mayor). ) is the only image of them together. Roma), which for many years has been shared only by Meloni and the gossip newspapers. Photos of journalists shopping and the three of them kissing Meloni in a shopping center are now well known.

What is interesting is that the two belong to different political groups and it was Meloni who made it famous as a guest on an episode of the show. witness Host Piff: “My partner is a leftist and I think he will vote for me in the next election. We talk about homosexuals, ethical issues and the legalization of soft drugs. It’s not like I’m there.”

Andrea Giambruno: first meeting with Giorgia Meloni

Little is known about their relationship, but some interesting details were told to Us Weekly by Giambruno. who About their first meeting and subsequent first date. This interview took place at a time when Meloni was publishing his autobiography, Io Sono Giorgia. “Giorgia is famous. It’s not me. I’m Mr. Meloni and I’m proud of it,” Giambruno said.

Their love story began one evening at the Mediaset studio in Milan, where Meloni was a guest. 5th row, a program for which Giambruno was the author: “She arrived out of breath and said to her assistant Giovanna, “I haven’t eaten anything, I’m hungry and I’m about to pass out.” And Giovanna said, “But here… “I only have one banana.” She replies, “Then give me this banana.” “In the shot of the ad, the journalist continued with the article, and he was devouring it, but in the second shot, he’s still there with the banana in his hand. I’m Even with a kind of enthusiasm I rushed to snatch the banana from his hand, we will miss Meloni “Living with bananas. I can’t say anything, but our eyes met in a strange way, and it was just for a moment.”

Our first date was not long after that. “One night in Milan, in a secluded restaurant, she was wearing a knee-length black dress, dark boots and a leather jacket. She was beautiful and the moment was amazing.” Andrea remembers her first interactive meeting with the future mother of a young girl. And after the first kiss they never left each other again. However, as Andrea herself emphasized, Giorgia also has drawbacks: a “pathological insanity to order” and a “chronic lateness.”

Giorgia Meloni and Andrea Giambruno: their family and the long-awaited second child

In 2016, they became parents to Ginevra, and it was an amazing and beautiful joy. However, for many years the couple tried to have another child, but without success. Meloni, who became a mother for the first time at the age of 39, said of the possibility of having a second child: I ate it with her sister. ” And about his personal experience in 2021, he also added: “Unfortunately, we live in a society that makes us believe that we are forever young and can always postpone our choices, but that is a deception. For this reason, I believe it is essential. “Increasing awareness to control women’s fertility from a young age.” ”

“Population decline is a landmark issue, and fertility rates and support for families have always been the primary focus of FdI programmes.However, unlike countries such as France, Poland and Hungary, in Italy But it’s not for nothing, he added.” Perhaps ideological resistance to these issues is also to blame. ”

Giorgia Meloni explained the family organization in an interview. Seven “Andrea is a great father and very present. He spends one week a month in Milan, and when he is here he almost always works in the evening and spends a lot of time with Ginebra during the day. We take turns helping each other’ others, we complete each other. ” As first gentleman, will Giambruno be involved in Meloni’s decisions? Meloni explained that she involves her partner in discussions at home, “but not too much.When we’re together, we try to keep politics out and keep our distance.”It’s not easy.” No. He goes along with all the discussions, but I move on: ‘See you later.'” With politics? Please change it, I can’t take it anymore! ”

As already mentioned, the two are not married and have no plans to get married at this time. Both of them have emphasized many times how good they are for each other in this way, they complement each other and are always ready to be by each other’s side.

The “mystery” of marriage

As mentioned above, Meloni and Giambruno are not married, but in this regard, Gentleman Farts recently made a statement that surprises us: “As long as they ask us, Giorgia and I are not getting married. We will get married when we want.” Or maybe we were already married and didn’t tell anyone. ” Where is the truth? It’s unclear at this point, but it’s likely that the two haven’t said yes to each other yet.

Videos of outings and “winks” to colleagues

“Giorgia, are you still a little angry about yesterday’s ‘Stricia’ report? But can I tell you? Now we can divorce within 24 hours,” Rosario Fiorello of Waiting Viva Rai 2 commented on the report with this joke. . Delete news ” (broadcast on the night of October 18th), footage of Giambruno was shown.

In the video, the presenter can be seen joking about his “cheating” and winking at studio journalist Viviana Guglielmi: “Why haven’t we met before?” “The only opinion that matters to me is Viviana’s,” Giambruno flatters his colleague, adding, “But what about this Estoril blue beauty of Viviana?” and also about the dress she wears. Mentioned. “It’s called China Blue,” the journalist replied. “No, China Blue is rubbish. It’s called Estoril Blue, and for a cultured woman like you…Estoril Blue doesn’t suit you. Are you good today? Are you in a good mood? Yesterday I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you.” These videos quickly went viral on the web and were featured in newspapers and websites.

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