“Agents will be able to buy weapons without a license”: majority will try

FDI has proposed a bill that would allow public security personnel to purchase weapons without a license and carry them in plain clothes.

A bill that would allow public security personnel (state police, carabinieri, financial police, prison police) to purchase and possess weapons without a license. It was presented by Fratelli d’Italia Senator Domenica Spinelli. Bill No. 848. And it will probably cause controversy.

If passed, the bill would regulate when police themselves can use weapons other than legal weapons. You do not need a license to make a purchase, but you must register with the organization of the agency requesting the license.

Police are now legally allowed to carry professional weapons even when off-duty, but many complain that the weapons they are issued are not appropriate for “bourgeois” attire. The impasse is only possible in cases of “personal defense” and, in the case of public security personnel, arises from requests for weapons that are not issued by prefectures.

Therefore, this law seeks to treat public safety officers on a par with magistrates, governors, and public safety officers, allowing them to purchase and carry weapons without a license.

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