To date, the petition has been signed by more than 107 thousand people. – available here – “against the background of the expected increase in IUC for cars up to 07-2007.”

“The purpose of this petition is to present an alternative proposal that we believe is fairer and more consistent. Electric vehicles are currently exempt from paying IUC as part of efforts to promote the energy transition. We recognize the importance of this transition. , but we believe that this should not serve as a pretext for all fiscal measures.”

Therefore, the petitioners propose that “electric vehicles should begin paying IUC based on the power of their engines, eliminating the current tax exemption, and that they should not be subject to the additional carbon tax that applies to internal combustion engine vehicles.”

“We believe this is the fairest and most equitable measure that will not harm those who are experiencing significant economic hardship and who do not even use these same highways. Often these people are not looking for subsidies, but simply wish not to be further burdened with a disproportionate tax burden.” .

According to the report accompanying the OE2024 proposal, vehicles registered before 2007 in “categories A and E” would be covered.

Speaking to Notícias ao Minuto, a source from the Revenue Agency (AT) explained that “according to the Uniform Road Tax Code, vehicles whose first registration date falls before 1981 are not subject to the IUC.”

This means that the IUC will be increased for vehicles registered between 1981 and 2007.

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