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Wet snow and fog: what the weather will be like in Russia from September 25 to October 1

Forecaster at the Meteo forecasting center Alexander Ilyin told what the weather will be like in Russia from September 25 to October 1. According to him, warm, dry weather is expected in many regions of the country. In the central part, the Urals and the Volga region, the air temperature will continue to be above the climate norm, and in the south it will reach 31 degrees. It will snow in some cities of Siberia. Read more in the material.

What will the weather be like in Moscow and central Russia?

Alexander Ilyin said that next week anticyclonic weather will prevail in Moscow and throughout the central part of Russia.

“The temperature will exceed the climate norm by 2–4 degrees. During the daytime it will range from 16 to 21 degrees. Night temperatures will also be quite high – from 8 to 13 degrees,” said Alexander Ilyin.

According to the weather forecaster, light rain is expected in Moscow on the night from Sunday to Monday, and practically no rain is expected during the week during the day.

Where in Russia will it rain?

According to Alexander Ilyin, warm and dry weather is expected in St. Petersburg from September 25 to October 1. In the Northern capital, during the day the thermometer will show from 14 to 17 degrees. By the middle of the week the air will warm up to 20, but by the weekend the temperature will begin to drop.

As the weather forecaster predicts, nights in St. Petersburg will be cooler. The temperature will drop to 10–12 degrees, and in the Leningrad region – to 7–11 degrees. According to the forecaster, rain will begin at the end of the week.

“The anticyclone is expanding, and St. Petersburg will also be under its supervision. The whole week will pass under the auspices of the sun,” said Alexander Ilyin.

According to him, heavy rainfall is expected in the north-west of the country – in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug and the Komi Republic. The forecaster said that northern Arctic cyclones will come to these areas.

“It will rain there throughout the week. In St. Petersburg they will begin only by the evening of Sunday, October 1,” says Alexander Ilyin.

According to the forecaster, the weather in Primorye will be moderate in the first half of the week. During the day, the thermometer will show from 17 to 22 degrees. Temperatures are not expected to drop significantly during the week.

“In areas remote from seas and oceans, temperatures can even rise to 23–25 degrees. But some cooling will come to Primorye at the end of the week: on Friday-Saturday, about 10-12 degrees are expected there in the daytime. At night in the southern and eastern regions of the Primorsky Territory it will be from 5 to 10 degrees; on the borders with the Khabarovsk Territory, near-zero temperatures will be observed almost everywhere, not only in the highlands, but also in the valleys,” predicted Alexander Ilyin.

He added that quite heavy rains will come to the region in the second half of the week. Up to 11 millimeters of rain may fall in some areas.

“The active cyclone will quickly leave the Primorsky Territory and move towards Sakhalin and further into the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. The risk of flooding this time is minimal. But in Primorye it will be foggy,” said Alexander Ilyin.

In which regions of Russia will it be hot?

As the meteorologist noted, the velvet season continues on the Black Sea coast of Russia. Warm, dry weather will continue there next week. The air temperature in the Krasnodar region can reach 31 degrees.

“But the daily variation in temperature will be quite large, somewhere around 10–15 degrees, that is, at night it will be about 15–19 degrees,” the forecaster said.

He added that the water temperature in the Black Sea will remain at 25 degrees until October 1.

According to the weather forecaster, rain will begin in the mountainous regions of the south.

“Despite the precipitation, the air temperature there will remain at a fairly high level,” he said.

Where in Russia can it snow?

Alexander Ilyin noted that warm and dry weather will set in next week in the Volga Federal District, in the Middle and Southern Urals. There, as in Central Russia, the weather will remain calm without significant precipitation. Maximum temperatures in these territories are expected to be quite high: the forecaster said that the air there will warm up to 14–19 degrees, and on some days in the Chelyabinsk and Kurgan regions up to 20 degrees. However, it will be colder in the north of the Urals.

“Slight rains on Tuesday and Friday will occur in the Middle Urals and in the north of the Urals, Yamal, and the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. There may even be rain and sleet there at night. Night temperatures will be between 0 and 3 degrees. It’s also cold during the day. In these regions, wet snow can fall during the daytime,” said Alexander Ilyin.

In which regions of Russia will it be cold?

Alexander Ilyin said that there will be a lot of precipitation in Siberia next week. It will snow in the northern regions; snow and rain are expected in the south. Such weather will happen not only in high mountain areas, but also in the foothills.

“In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the beginning of the week will be very cold: daytime temperatures in the south of the region will drop to 5–8 degrees. Cold arctic air will come there from Taimyr. However, by the middle of the week it will warm up to 15 degrees in Krasnoyarsk,” said Alexander Ilyin.

He added that cold air masses from the Krasnoyarsk Territory will go to the southeast, so by Wednesday the weather on Lake Baikal will change. There, daytime temperatures will remain around 5–7 degrees, and night temperatures will be 0–2 degrees.

“In high mountain areas, light frosts and sleet with rain are expected. And from the middle of the week, even towards the end, it will warm up to about 16 degrees,” the forecaster said.

According to him, the air temperature in the region will be 4 degrees below the climate norm. However, the cold in southern Siberia will not last long – about five days.

Snow is also expected in the northern regions of the Far East next week, added Alexander Ilyin. In Chukotka it will last almost the entire first half of the week, then the precipitation will stop. In Yakutia, snow will fall closer to the weekend. According to the forecaster, it is expected not only at night, but also during the daytime.

“There will be quite low temperatures, frost in places. In the center of Yakutia at night it is about 0 degrees, there may be a slight minus, and during the day – from 6 to 11 degrees. And in Oymyakon, for example, at night it will be from 3 to 8 degrees, and during the day – from 2 to 7 degrees,” said Alexander Ilyin.

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