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“The White Iris”: Asterix’s 40th album, composed by Fabcaro and Didier Conrad

It is the most read French comic in the world: 393 million copies have been sold since it was created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo in 1959. On this Asterix 40th album, Fabcaro and Didier Conrad poke fun at the coaching and personal development fads that would sow the seeds of discord among the Gauls.

At the heart of this new work: characters imagined by the two authors. His name was Tulius Vicevertus, Julius Caesar’s physician, philosopher, and borderline master. In order to re-energize the Roman army, he promoted the ideas of the White Iris: kindness, vegetarianism and even meditation. This new philosophy would find adherents, including in the Gallic villages, but it would also have its detractors.

Source: France24

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