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The State Duma proposed limiting access to smartphones in the classroom

Smartphones can be used in lessons for educational purposes, but in other cases they should not be used, says Oleg Smolin, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Science and Higher Education. He proposed limiting access to schoolchildren’s smartphones in a conversation with

A blanket ban on the use of smartphones in Russian schools should not be introduced, the deputy believes. “As you know, such a law was adopted in France, but before that, the “Laptop for every schoolchild” program was implemented there, that is, in France there is no need for smartphones for educational purposes. In Russia the situation is somewhat different. For example, when I give lectures with a presentation, my students actively film the presentation on their smartphones and thus get the opportunity to later return to the information that they do not have time to learn directly during the lecture,” the parliamentarian explained.

“I know schools that are now conducting experiments where children put their smartphones in a special place before class if there is no need to use them for educational tasks during the lesson. It seems to me that this would be correct,” Smolin said. In his opinion, a separate law is not needed to implement this initiative; a by-law would be enough.

In April 2022, the Russian Ministry of Education developed recommendations for organizing the educational process, in which it advised students to hand over their phones before entering a school or class.

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