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The one-year-old son of a Russian woman placed an order for 150 thousand rubles on Wildberries

In St. Petersburg, a one-year-old boy placed an order for 150 thousand rubles on Wildberries. This was reported by the Telegram channel “Mash on the Moika”.

According to the Telegram channel, the child’s mother left him alone with an unlocked smartphone for several minutes. The boy moved his finger across the screen and ordered all the goods that were in the woman’s cart on Wildberries. The total amount of goods sent for delivery was about 150 thousand rubles.

The St. Petersburg woman contacted the marketplace support service, but they told her that the delivery could not be canceled. At the same time, about half of the goods ordered by the child require a return fee. The money for food was written off immediately – it is impossible to return it, reports Mash on the Moika.

The Petersburg woman said that similar situations happened to other mothers. In connection with such incidents, Wildberries promised to introduce a function to confirm an order with a PIN code, but so far the option has not appeared.

Source: Rambler

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