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The Ministry of Justice named the number of prisoners in Russian colonies

In Russia, there are currently about 266 thousand people in correctional colonies, while in 2013 this number reached almost 700 thousand, said Deputy Minister of Justice Vsevolod Vukolov. Writes about this RBC.

The official noted that the problem of relapse is still relevant.

According to him, in three years “a system of correctional centers has practically been created.” There are about 30 thousand people in them, almost 50 thousand have passed through them.

“(The centers involve) forced labor, punishments not related to imprisonment. People wear civilian clothes, they even drive their own cars,” Vukolov explained.

The Deputy Minister clarified that by the end of 2023 the number of places in the centers is expected to increase.

Let us recall that in February, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law “On Probation”, the purpose of which is to create conditions for correcting the social behavior of prisoners, their social adaptation, and resocialization.

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