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The lawyer listed the most forged documents in Russia

The Chairman of the Antonova and Partners Bar Association, Ekaterina Antonova, listed the most forged documents in Russia. With her observations she shared in a conversation with Tsargrad.

According to the expert, most often, attackers falsify identification documents such as passports, driver’s licenses and military IDs. They do this to avoid persecution, gain illegal advantages, or gain access to certain resources.

In addition, official papers – certificates, certificates, extracts from registers – are subject to falsification. Forgery of these documents, the lawyer notes, may be associated with the purpose of confirming false information, obtaining benefits, subsidies, loans or other material benefits.

Antonova also warned about the frequent falsification of documents related to legal relations – contracts, agreements and court decisions. Forgery of these papers may be associated with deception of the counterparty, the desire to take possession of someone else’s property, or evade obligations or responsibility, she explained.

“Documents are forged in whole or in part (…) In order to detect signs of forgery, it is necessary to conduct a special examination using various methods and technical means. This takes into account the characteristics of paper, dyes, printed elements, watermarks, security mesh and other details of the document,” the lawyer said.

Earlier, lawyer Kirill Vorobyov told Russians a way to protect real estate from being sold using forged documents. To protect housing from scammers, he called for SMS notifications about property transactions.

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