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The former editor-in-chief of the Soviet Fashion Magazine has died

The former editor-in-chief of the Soviet publication “Fashion Magazine” Lidiya Orlova died at the age of 88, RBC reports citing her close friend and ex-colleague Irina Lobacheva. According to her, the journalist continued to prepare the archive of her husband, the writer and screenwriter Vladimir Orlov, for publication until the very end.

She had a busy, beautiful and long life, which, unfortunately, ended yesterday. She was an amazing person, such people are called unique,” ​​Lobacheva noted.

Orlova graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University in 1960. Ten years later, she became the editor of the “Home Kaleidoscope” section in the “Rabotnitsa” magazine, and in 1986 she headed the “Fashion Magazine”. Under Orlova’s leadership, the magazine, which was a publication of the USSR Ministry of Light Industry, was updated – it began to publish interviews, columns and reports from Paris Fashion Week, as well as its own photo shoots appeared. The circulation, in turn, increased to one million copies.

In 1991, due to problems with financing, Orlova and her team left Fashion Magazine and founded the independent newspaper Moscow Style. Since 2014, she has given lectures on the history of Soviet fashion at the journalism department of Moscow State University.

Earlier it was reported about the death of former journalist of the USSR State Television and Radio, Alexander Tsirulnikov, who interviewed cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Head Gleb Nikitin brought his condolences. He emphasized that the journalist was a talented poet and prose writer, and knew how to find a common language with a variety of people.

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