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The actress from the series “Interns” has gone missing

Honored actress of the Russian Federation Elena Kondulainen has gone missing, the artistic director of the Luna Theater, where the actress served, Evgeny Gerasimov told KP.RU. Information about the disappearance of the artist was also confirmed by her stylist Igor Kalmykov.

As Gerasimov shared, no one knows where the actress is now: she is neither at home nor in the theater. The actress’s stylist also cannot reach her by phone.

The phone is silent. I’m worried,” Kalmykov added.

This is not the first time Kondulainen has disappeared. In February last year, friends of the actress said that she was not in touch and did not appear in the theater. In the end, everything worked out and there was no need to contact the police.

In the summer of 2020, Kondulainen suffered a stroke. The actress was in intensive care for a long time in serious condition, after which there was a long rehabilitation.

Earlier, the mother of figure skater Alina Gorbacheva, Ekaterina, reported her daughter missing. On August 28, the girl left the skating rink at the Chkalov Arena in Moscow and went towards the Vladimir Church. Dog handlers were involved in the search. The figure skater disappeared after a quarrel with coach Sofia Fedchenko. It is noted that the girl wanted to change her mentor and may now be staying with one of her friends. A source close to the athlete told the channel that there was a conflict between Sofia Fedchenko and the girl’s mother because the coach took her away from her at the age of 9. The girls were later found alive.

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