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Singer Yulian said that after Dobronravov left, Pakhmutova came to her senses

Singer Yulian spoke about the life of composer Alexandra Pakhmutova after the death of her husband, poet Nikolai Dobronravov. He is quoted by

Julian worked and was friends with the creative couple for 30 years.

“Now Alexandra Nikolaevna is learning to live differently. She was with Nikolai Nikolaevich all her life. This is such a couple! Such an example of swan fidelity! We are constantly in touch with her, we communicate, we see each other,” he said.

According to Yulian, next to Pakhmutova are good assistants and nurses who worked with her husband.

“Alexandra Nikolaevna is surrounded by care and, on the recommendation of doctors, goes for walks a lot. In a word, she is slowly coming to her senses,” he noted, adding that Pakhmutova will participate in family events by the fortieth day after her husband leaves.

At the end of September, the director of the Alexandra Pakhmutova Foundation, Evgeny Malyshko, denied rumors about the depression of the 90-year-old composer.

Source: Rambler

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