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“No more questions about Giambruno”: Meloni’s anger live

Furious PM goes to great lengths to protect fellow journalist

Giambruno can say whatever he wants, and you don’t ask me any more questions about Giambruno. There is very little controversy in the departure of Prime Minister Georgia Meloni, who at a press conference found herself in a heated argument after the departure of her companion and television journalist Andrea Giambruno, who during a television program after the rapes of Caivano and Palermo said: “If you avoid losing consciousness, perhaps you You will be able to avoid meeting the wolf.”

“I think Andrea Giambruno hastily and forcefully said something different from what most people interpreted,” Giorgia Meloni says at a press conference after the Council of Ministers meeting that gave the green label to the anti-child gangs regulation. “What I read in his words is not “if you wear a miniskirt, you can get raped,” but something more similar to what my mother told me when I was a girl: “Your eyes are open and your head is on your shoulders,” because Unfortunately, abusers do exist and we must not let our guard down,” continues Meloni. “You have to do everything possible to not put yourself in a position to allow these animals to do what they want: I think that’s the advice parents gave to my children, I don’t find in it any justification for those who rape, but advice: “Girls, be careful, eyes open, head on your shoulders.”

However, immediately after this Meloni returns to business first gentlemen asked journalists not to bore her with new questions about the trips of her fellow journalist. In short: freedom of the press applies to Giambruno, not to others, who should avoid asking you questions about Giambruno. Orvel, help.

Source: Today

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