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Lawyer warned of multimillion-dollar fines for posting some photos

Russians face fines for posting certain photos on the Internet. In this regard, it is advisable to pay attention to some legal aspects, stated to the Prime agency, lawyer Elena Kuderko.

The expert reminds us about big data algorithms. According to her, pictures can pop up on the Internet years after they are deleted.

The interlocutor emphasizes that the country has a law prohibiting the publication of photos without the consent of the person in the frame. According to her, confirmation must be received exclusively in writing. Kuderko notes that this mostly applies to amateur photographers who post photographs of random passers-by on the streets or visitors to cultural events.

The specialist explained that written consent is not required if the person is not the main subject of the image and accidentally entered the frame as part of the overall composition.

The interlocutor also said that posting photos of minors without the written consent of their parents is prohibited. The same applies to cases when a child accidentally got into the camera lens.

Also, you cannot borrow pictures due to copyright.

Earlier it was reported that fines for crossing railway tracks in the wrong place in Russia were increasing from 100 to 500 rubles.

Source: Rambler

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