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Journalists noticed an unusual detail on Putin’s watch

Journalists from the Kremlin pool RIA Novosti noticed an unusual detail on the watch of Russian President Vladimir Putin. A post on this topic appeared in their Telegram channel.

Photographers captured the Russian leader at the “One Belt, One Road” forum, which takes place in Beijing. For the event, Putin chose a classic black trouser suit, a white shirt and a purple tie. The politician chose shoes for footwear.

The posted footage shows that the hands on the dial of the Russian President’s watch show Moscow time.

“Putin doesn’t change his watch while traveling. Lives according to Moscow time,” reads the caption for the publication.

In September, a secret meaning was discerned in the colors of the ties of Vladimir Putin and his Turkish colleague Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Stylist Vladimir Dubinin said that the turquoise color represents balance, poise and calm. At the same time, burgundy indicates power and confidence.

Source: Rambler

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