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It was proposed to equate Russian villages on Spitsbergen with subjects of the Russian Federation

General Director of the Arktikugol Trust, Ildar Neverov, during the lecture “Arktikugol Trust Today and Tomorrow” expressed his opinion on the need to equate the villages of Barentsburg and Pyramid on Spitsbergen with the subjects of the Russian Federation, writes TASS.

The villages of Barentsburg and Pyramid do not have the status of regions of the Russian Federation. Neverov emphasized that equating them with subjects of the country would allow them to receive the necessary state support from the state.

Ildar Neverov added that there is now a socio-economic program that is aimed at supporting regions that do not have the official status of subjects of the Russian Federation, such as Russian villages in Spitsbergen. Neverov emphasized that this program is an important support tool and can also help equate villages with constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Currently, the villages receive government subsidies from the Ministry of Eastern Development.

Source: Rambler

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