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FT: young people who left Russia began to return to their homeland

Young people who have left are returning to Russia because they are faced with a decline in their standard of living. About it reports the Financial Times newspaper citing experts.

The publication notes that young professionals are faced with the fact that “employment opportunities outside the country were not as good as they could have been.” Ivetta Sergeeva, a researcher from the European University Institute in Florence, noted that as a result, Russians who left began to lose their status and earnings, which led to a decrease in the quality of life.

In addition, a number of returning Russians were surprised that life in Russia did not stop. Business continues to grow, and restaurants and bars remain popular and lively. In addition, establishments of Western brands, such as McDonald’s and Starbucks, actually continued to operate after the owners left.

It is noted that the number of returning Russian citizens is estimated at 120 thousand – this is more than 15% of the number who left. Experts believe that the flow will increase in the future.

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