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Experts have compiled a ranking of the most promising professions for young people

In order to live comfortably in the future, young people want to master IT technologies, work as lawyers, financiers, doctors and teachers.

Analysts from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation and Ingosstrakh found this out by compiling a rating of the most attractive professions for those who choose a career or intend to change their field of activity.

Thus, the professions that residents of our country primarily want to master are programmers, IT specialists (10.8%), teachers (10.8%) and lawyers (10.6%). Among the most in-demand professions are also artificial intelligence specialists (7.6%), financiers (6.7%) and doctors (6.3%).

“Russians rate the professions of financier and insurer as one of the most profitable and promising on the market. That is why financiers are in second place after IT specialists. In addition, we must understand that just as there was an overabundance of lawyers and managers at one time, now we are also at risk get an excessive number of computer scientists. And finance, including insurance, is a stable market where there will always be a need for personnel,” says Alexey Zubets, director of the Institute of Socio-Economic Problems of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

Working in the financial sector, including insurance, is the fourth most popular activity in the ranking of the most attractive professions in Russia, adds Victoria Nevskaya, HR Director of Ingosstrakh.

“For example, the profession of an actuary – a specialist responsible for calculating insurance tariffs – is very interesting and promising,” she clarifies. “This is the expert who forms the core of the product offer – the tariff. Of course, among the applicants, the most famous are other insurance professions – the seller of insurance products “, claims adjuster, insurance lawyer. IT competencies are in great demand in modern insurance: the insurance market has already taken a confident course towards digitalization several years ago, and the industry highly values ​​specialists in digital professions.”

There are a lot of young people in insurance today. The share of young specialists in Ingosstrakh is 45% of the total number of employees. Every year, 300-500 students and graduates of leading universities in countries undergo internships there, including Moscow State University. Lomonosov, RUDN, REU im. Plekhanov.

“In the near future, IT specialists and all types of activities related to information technology and big data will be in favor. “People who connect their activities with social and communication technologies will be in demand, for example, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers,” emphasizes the director of the Center for Opportunistic research of the Institute of Statistical Research and Economics of Knowledge, National Research University Higher School of Economics Georgiy Ostapkovich.

There is no need to worry about doctors and teachers either, the expert is sure. They will never be without work.

It is interesting that the number of people dissatisfied with the previously chosen cause in our country is not so many. Thus, only 18.4% of Russians are considering the possibility of changing their field of activity. According to Dmitry Platygin, General Director of the All-Russian Research Institute of Labor of the Russian Ministry of Labor, during his professional life a worker can comfortably change several professions and several areas of activity. “The pace of life has accelerated. Professional knowledge becomes outdated within a few years. Therefore, there must be lifelong learning,” Platygin is sure.

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