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Efremov’s store responded to news of searches

Representatives of the Nikita Efremov store commented on the news about the seizure of goods, reports Telegram channel BRIEF. The store said it is currently conducting an unscheduled inspection.

Store representatives noted that the reason for the inspection was “customers’ lack of awareness of the intricacies of the resale market.”

Previously Telegram channel Mash reportedthat the stores of businessman and blogger Nikita Efremov in Moscow and St. Petersburg were searched. It was reported that five thousand pairs of shoes were seized from one of the stores – Mash claims that law enforcement officers are interested in the originality of the sneakers.

The inspections began after a complaint from a customer who did not find the “Honest Mark” marking on the store’s goods. He also asked to see “the licensing agreement from the original owners Adidas and Nike.”

Source: Rambler

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