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Deputy Milonov urged Russians not to go to restaurants and cafes where Halloween is celebrated

If the administration of a catering outlet demonstrates commitment to Western trends, their establishments should be ignored. Vitaly Milonov, deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children, stated this in a conversation with the radio station “Moscow Speaks”. The parliamentarian accused fans of the holiday of “bad taste.”

“If the matter does not concern children’s institutions, then if the institution wants to show that they are idiotic monkeys, repeating any eccentric fashion trends of the West, then they can do it. Demonstration of our lack of brains is not prohibited in the Constitution. Therefore, if the main thing for them, like a monkey or a parrot, is to copy an incomprehensible consonance or picture, then let them do it, thereby showing that in the kitchen, service and maintenance they adhere to the lowest level of standards. Therefore, just normal people should not go to such establishments and should be ignored. This shows the bad taste of the cafe owners.”

Earlier it became known that the Izhevsk school would hold a Pumpkin Rescue instead of Halloween. The event will take place on October 27. Information about this appeared on the educational institution’s page on the VKontakte social network.

The message notes that students of school No. 16 will be able to attend the festival in orange, black and red costumes. Outfits can be complemented with jewelry in the form of beads and hats. However, you are not allowed to wear makeup or come in traditional Halloween costumes.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st. Previously, this holiday occurred at the end of the harvest season. It was believed that one should thank not only God, but also ancestors for the gifts of the earth.

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