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Defrocked Protodeacon Kuraev left the Russian Federation

Protodeacon Andrei Kuraev, who was defrocked by the Russian Orthodox Church, left Russia. He talks about this personally reported in my Telegram channel.

“And yet – departure. A year and a half of thought and hesitation have passed… I will not explain all the pros and cons… My Moscow world is destroyed. To some extent, the pain of lonely old age can be softened by immersion in the atmosphere of a happy Prague childhood and the understanding that here my parents spent the happiest years of their lives,” Kuraev wrote.

According to him, in the Czech Republic he still has “schoolmates”, one of whom has already bought him a scooter for transportation. Kuraev noted that he plans to hold public meetings and lectures in the Czech Republic.

“So this is labor migration. I hope it’s seasonal. But for now the thoughts are not about how to settle down there, but about how to amputate here,” Kuraev concluded.

Let us recall that the protodeacon lost his rank by decision of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus’ Kirill in the spring of 2023. He was found guilty of libel against the church. In addition, in 2022, Kuraev was fined under the article on discrediting the Russian army.

Source: Rambler

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