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Artemy Lebedev called Russia’s advantage over Europe

Blogger and designer Artemy Lebedev said that in Russia medicine is more accessible to ordinary citizens than in European countries. He spoke about this advantage in a news review available on VKontakte.

Lebedev noted that in Russia everyone can receive paid or free medical care in a timely manner.

“Compare with some Europe, where in order to make an appointment with a gynecologist, you need to wait three months. With us, you can visit five gynecologists during the day,” the blogger said.

However, according to Lebedev, despite accessible medicine, some people are “extremely careless” about their health. For example, he said that many Russians do not undergo medical examination, although this can be done for free.

Earlier, the designer named Russia’s advantage over other countries. He expressed confidence that “there are few places in the world” where you can find the same inexpensive and fast Internet as the Russian one.

Source: Rambler

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