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Aeroflot explained the situation with the family of comedian Sobolev due to regulations

In the situation that arose with the family of comedian Ilya Sobolev on board an Aeroflot flight, the company acted in accordance with the regulations.

This is how the airline’s press service responded to Sobolev’s story on social networks about the situation with tickets.

According to the comedian, the family purchased economy class tickets for the Moscow-Maldives flight. At the airport, Sobolev upgraded his wife’s service class to business, hoping that the wife and child would fly in more comfortable conditions. However, the flight attendants asked to transfer the baby to his father, since he was assigned to him according to the ticket.

“According to federal aviation rules and airline regulations… a child without a separate seat is assigned to a specific adult passenger in the booking at the time the ticket is issued and is transported together with the parent in the seat indicated on the boarding pass,” RIA Novosti cites Aeroflot’s message.

It is noted that already on board it became clear that the family did not ask to attach the child to the mother’s reservation.

Earlier it was reported that the wife of football player Andrei Arshavin threatened the flight attendant court and four years of imprisonment, as well as offered bribes to flight attendants in the amount of 15 thousand rubles.

Aeroflot stated that it reserves the right sue the wife of ex-footballer of the Russian national team Andrei Arshavin Alice, who was removed from the company’s board for violating safety rules.

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