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A street in a Russian city was decorated with a flag from an American website to save money.

In Krasnoyarsk, officials decided to save money and decorated the street with a huge animation of the Russian tricolor, which they downloaded for free from the American website Shutterstock. This is reported by Telegram-Kras Mash channel.

A moving picture with a flag on an LED strip appeared next to the fountain on Kopylova Street. The video, which was published by the Telegram channel, shows that in the center of the flag there is a watermark of a company that provides stock photos and videos.

You can download such an animation without unnecessary notes for $80 – the Russian city authorities did not do this.

Previously, residents of a Moscow house complained about a sandbox with yellow and blue stripes. The management company replied that the coincidence of the color of the sandbox with the flag of Ukraine was an accident. An hour after receiving complaints, the company sent employees to repaint the structure green.

Source: Rambler

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