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A powerful cyclone will flood Russia with rain

The powerful cyclone Bernard can flood Russia with rain. Specialists from the Phobos weather center warned citizens about this on their website.

On Sunday, October 22, Bernard brought strong gusts of wind to Spanish Andalusia, the speed of which in some places exceeded 120 kilometers per hour. In the provinces of Cadiz, Huelva and Seville, about 1.5 thousand incidents with falling trees or damage to roofs of buildings were recorded. Several people were seriously injured due to the cyclone. In some areas, gusty winds accompanied downpours, causing localized flooding. There were problems with power supply in many settlements.

According to forecasters, the cyclonic vortex continues to shift to the northeast, its center will be in the North Sea. This will cause strong winds and rain across Britain, northern France, Belgium, the Netherlands and western Scandinavia. On October 24, the cyclone will change direction to the southeast and bring rain to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and by October 26 it will bring precipitation and gusty winds to the Black Earth Region and most of the Southern Federal District.

Earlier, Russians were warned about heavy snowfalls this week.

Source: Rambler

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