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A possible causative agent of an unknown disease in the Russian region has been named

Doctors suspected yersiniosis in 33 patients with an uncertain diagnosis in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, according to a REN TV source. Among the infected are 30 children. The outbreak was recorded in the village of Essey.

According to the TV channel, samples were taken from the sick people for testing. Doctors suspect they have yersiniosis, an acute infectious disease that occurs in humans and animals. The causative agent is bacteria of the genus Yersinia. When the infection occurs, the gastrointestinal tract is affected, general intoxication of the body develops, and multiple organ damage is also possible. According to media reports, the main symptom of those sick near Krasnoyarsk was a reddish rash.

The source of this infection is small rodents, cows and small livestock. Yersiniosis is mainly transmitted through food. Microbes are viable at temperatures from +4 to 8 degrees and can multiply on products.

Children aged one to three years are most often susceptible to infection. The incubation period ranges from one to six days. Signs of yersiniosis include chills, headache, muscle weakness, joint pain, malaise, sore throat, and loss of appetite. Body temperature can rise to 38-40 degrees, insomnia is possible.

Earlier, the regional Ministry of Health reported that there were no severe cases of the disease, and no one required hospitalization. In mild forms, yersiniosis can be treated at home; the patient is usually prescribed antibiotics.

Essey is located in the north of the Evenki district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The population of the village is more than 600 people. The regional Rospotrebnadzor said that they sent a sanitary flight to the locality with an infectious disease doctor and representatives of the department. Diagnoses will be made based on research results.

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