The warmth of a gray rainy day is found in a wool sweater, a trench coat, a scarf and probably a cup of coffee when you get to work. Clothing protects us, literally and figuratively, but when the cold days arrive it also gives us more options, if only because we wear more layers.

I like better how we dress in autumn and winter. It seems to me that we are more elegant. And now that it finally seems that we dare to use color in the cold months there is no excuse not to shine even if it rains. For those of us who don’t feel very comfortable showing skin, stockings allow us to shorten our skirts. This year, by the way, they come in countless shades, many deniers (measurement that indicates the degree of opacity of the media) and mattes. If you want to go totally on trend combine them with the color of the shoes. Not only will you be fashionable, but you will also optically lengthen your figure. Monochrome looks are what they have (and not just in black, no matter how hard we try).

I don’t know who I read once It is easier to look elegant when we layer clothes. The magic of a good combination is the key to creating one of those memorable outfits and we can only do that with free-fall thermometers. A shirt, a vest and an oversized blazer. A silk scarf simulating a tie. Dress pants and a duster on the shoulders. rain hat covering a tight and shiny ponytail, the kind that gives no chance for humidity to cause disasters. Perfect for the office, yes, but also for any event if you add some high heels, spectacular earrings and red lips.

Take out the shine

Winter also means parties, and although we will talk about it in more depth in a few weeks, We don’t have to wait for Christmas to bring out the heavy artillery. You already know my desire to decontextualize garments. Playing with combinations that may have seemed impossible before and that little by little, after seeing them in magazines so much, they begin to ‘come into our eyes’. You are already noticing it in all the stores, look now in your closet for a version that suits your style.

Some jeans and a rhinestone top. A sequin skirt with a cotton sweatshirt and sneakers. A dress and military boots. Raising or lowering looks is a matter of small details and I would dare to say that we can play more and more without fear of “what will they say”. It’s not a matter of waiting for special moments to take out the crown jewels. Ok that You’re not going to wear tulle to go to the bank., but maybe slightly larger glasses (even if you don’t have myopia) can help you not hate the blue light on your computer screen so much. Friends, You have been warned, the glasses are also going to be a total complement in these days that are already here.

Street Style Milan
Street Style Milan

And what at home?

Another melon that we have to open is that of loungewear at this time. Either because you work remotely or to spend a Sunday in front of the fireplace (even if it is the flame video for TV that Netflix has). Don’t be one of those who wears a pajama pants full of holes. Help lower your heating bill by investing in a nice knit outfit. A thick, loving and comfortable jacket. Some of those socks that give pleasure just by touching them. The indoor days are coming, conquer melancholy with style and a wine. The rain is not sad. The cold is elegant. Listen to me.

These days we cover ourselves more out of necessity, yes, so as not to get cold. But we decorate ourselves for pleasure and to communicate. So make that gesture that all humans have in common when we get up a routine that makes you start the day with the happiness of liking what you see in the mirror. It is not so difficult. Little word.

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