This morning, The kings of Spain have flown to Tenerife to find out the extent of the forest fire that broke out on the island last August and that has affected almost 40% of its surface. Their majesties took the opportunity to visit the Chipeque viewpoint, in Santa Úrsula, where they met with the affected sectors and attended an act of tribute to the public services that contributed to putting it out.

These last few weeks have been very busy for Letiziain which he has had to attend such important events as Leonor’s flag oath, the military parade of October 12, the Princess of Asturias awards, the visits of the ‘exemplary towns’ and, in a few days, the swears in the Constitution of his daughter, who turns 18 on the 31st of this month.

On all these occasions the queen has dazzled us with her looks and with Leonor’s eighteenth birthday just around the corner, she has relaxed her outfits, leaving us with outfits such as the asymmetrical neckline dress or the ‘ugly’ sweater with which set a trend, and without even intending to, She has become quite the fashion influencer.

Proof of this was given to us this morning.appearing with the viral garment that in recent days we have not stopped seeing it on many content creators, since with this time, it has become a ‘must have’ for any look.

Queen Letizia wears this season's viral garment
Queen Letizia wears this season’s viral garment

Next to King Felipe VI, Letiza posed with a trench coatthe perfect jacket for this season that we have entered suddenly, with temperatures that are far from the mild ones we had until very recently.

How to wear the trench coat

If there is one reason all the ‘influencers’ have fallen in love with this garment, apart from its versatility and timeless style, it is because of its impermeability to both air and water. However, this is not the only reason why we should wear it, as the queen has shown us.

Although it helps elevate any basiclike the black sweater and Prince of Wales check pants set she is wearing, can also relax the most sophisticated garments, giving us that perfect Parisian chic air.

On the other hand, it helps to unite a modern look with more classic garments, since its achronic style serves as a transition between pieces more arranged with more daring ones. Thanks to this, it also serves to give that conventional touch to modern outfits.

Jeanne Damas has become a global style reference, with a classic aesthetic in which she incorporates more transgressive elements. The ‘influencer’ gives us a example of a look with a trench coatwhere she combines this military and masculine cut garment with a slip dress, creating a very fashionable style that can work at any time.

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