The 2023 Princess of Asturias Awards ceremony will be held on October 20 starting at 6:30 p.m. in Oviedo. Thus, although this moment is one of the most anticipated, we have already been able to see the Royal family in the Asturian capital enjoying the events prior to the awards. Princess Leonor, heir to the throne of Spain, is in charge of presenting the award to those honored and, as in her last public appearances (the most recent, on Columbus Day) all eyes are on the look chosen for the occasion.

Queen Letizia and Infanta Sofía are also protagonists of the flashes in search of the details of the chosen outfits. We were already able to see the three at the Princess of Asturias Awards concert. For the occasion, Leonor chose a low-cost dress from the Swedish brand H & M () in which she opted for the black and white pairing, thus moving away from the more adolescent looks of her last appearances dressed in civilian clothes. For her part, the Infanta opted for a midnight blue ‘cut out’ jumpsuit, while Her Majesty opted for a two-piece featuring a pink blouse with maxi sleeves by the Spanish designer María Barragán.

However, The looks that the Royal family will wear at the awards ceremony are not the only ones on October 20. Before we have been able to see those that have been chosen for the reception of the winners, among which we find actress Meryl Streep, at the Hotel de la Reconquista where their Majesties attended with Leonor and Sofía.

Leonor triumphs with a ‘midi’ shirt dress

Princess Leonor with King Felipe VI at the hearings prior to the 2023 Princess of Asturias Awards.
Princess Leonor with King Felipe VI at the audiences prior to the Princess of Asturias Awards.

For this first act of the day, The Princess of Asturias has chosen a shirt dress from the Spanish brand Simorrto what It is for sale in El Corte Inglés for 368 euros. It is a midi proposal made of fil coupé full of details. The beautiful pink fabric is made with threads cut by a special machine that allow you to create a floral fantasy print that overlaps the background and creates a semi-transparent sensation.

This fabric stars throughout the dress, long slightly puffed sleeves and ending in a closed fist. The set is finished with a bowed belt made of the same fabric that stylizes the figure and allows the ruffle at the hem with which the piece is finished to add volume to the skirt. As for the shoes chosen for the occasion, the heiress opts, again, for slingback pumps, although, this time, in ecru. The hairstyle and accessories chosen are very discreet: hair tied in a low ponytail to reveal some hoop earrings.

Queen Letizia repeats her jacket suit

OVIEDO, 10/20/2023.- Queen Letizia, and the Princess of Asturias, Leonor (r), receive in audience the winner of the Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts, the American actress Meryl Streep, at the Hotel de the Reconquest of Oviedo this Friday.  This is one of the events prior to the presentation of the Princess of Asturias Awards, which will take place this afternoon.EFE/ Andrés Ballesteros SPAIN PRINCESS ASTURIAS AWARDS
Audiences prior to the Princess of Asturias Awards.

It is not the first time that His Majesty has pulled out of his wardrobe to attend an official event. At the beginning of summer, she went with one of her most viral outfits to the meeting of the delegate committee of the Princess of Girona Foundation; and this is precisely the same garment that she has chosen for the awards. Yes indeed, has changed the grayish blue for pink and the ‘oversize’ cut for a jacket slightly fitted at the waist that we have already seen on other occasions.

Is about a suit signed by Hugo Boss and made of Japanese crepe, ‘guilty’ of the relaxed cut of this elegant and lively two-piece, which we love for the balance of the tailoring (it draws the feminine silhouette without defining it) and for the vibrant color. Which, everything must be said, seems to be among Queen Letizia’s favorites, since yesterday she also chose him to attend the first act of the Princess of Asturias Awards.

A ‘mini’ dress at the height of Infanta Sofía

OVIEDO, 10/20/2023.- The Princess of Asturias, Leonor (d), and Infanta Sofía receive in audience the patrons and members of the Princess of Asturias Foundation at the Hotel de la Reconquista in Oviedo this Friday, in one of the events prior to the presentation of the Princess of Asturias Awards, which will take place this afternoon.  EFE/ Chema Moya SPAIN PRINCESA ASTURIAS AWARDS
Leonor and Infanta Sofía at the hearings prior to the Princess of Asturias Awards.

The youngest daughter of the kings of Spain, after her return from UWC Atlantic College in Wales, where she has been studying since the beginning of the year, has been one of the great style revelations. Infanta Sofía attended the second act of the Princess of Asturias Awards with a short dress signed by one of her mother’s favorite designers, Sandro, and where she recently went to preside over an institutional event for Mental Health Day in which she dared to rap some verses from El Chojín.

Your choice, youthful as well as elegant, was a structured mini dress made up of a tight corset-effect top with ruffled edges and fancy buttons that shape a kind of bullfighter. A first cut that ends with a straight skirt with fake welt pockets. And if, all in off-white tweed to give it that French touch so typical of Sandro.

While is true that The dress is an unbeatable choice, which will surely give a lot to talk about, we must not overlook the shoes he has chosen to close this outfit. These are patent leather ballet flats that meet all the requirements of the most elegant shoes that are already trending this fall: very flat and pointed toe to elongate the silhouette of the foot and compensate for the lack of a sole.

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