The fame of Ester Exposito It crossed the borders of Spain years ago. The actress who triumphed as a result of her role in Elite, is one of the most well-known and followed young women in the country. She is currently building her career in Mexico, where she has just attended the red carpet of the Morelia International Festival 2023 to present his latest work: Lost in the Night.

For the occasion, Ester Expósito has opted for a look that could be defined as one of the ‘most risky’ of her steps on the red carpets throughout her career.

The style chosen by the Madrid actress has been a dress that appears to be torn and that has not completely convinced her Mexican fans. Specifically, it is a fine knit dress (almost transparent), long, which has straight straps, floral embroidery and a detail that makes the difference from any other look, since it has with strategic openings that look like tears in the garment.

The design is nude in color, making it very flattering, and thanks to its structure enhances the curves of Expósito’s body. However, the tears that decorate the garment could seem like a flaw when, in reality, it is pure fashion.

The openings, which simulate tears, in the dress are in strategic areas that make the garment sexier, such as the navel or thigh, leaving both parts of the body completely exposed. However, surprisingly, This style has divided her fans Since, although there are those who have praised his look, the reality is that there have been many others who have harshly criticized him.

Criticism of Ester Expósito’s dress

The actress has shared different photographs of her time on the red carpet of the Morelia International Festival 2023 on Instagram, where she has almost 27 million followers. “Thank you for so much love. Lost in the Night premieres in Mexico on December 14,” is the text with which Expósito accompanied these images.

As usual, the post has been filled with thousands of comments in less than 24 hours. Among them we have been able to read many Madrid-style compliments from some of her ‘followers’: “How pretty you look, especially in the first photo”, “how pretty” or “you never stop surprising me”. But there has been a wave of criticism also to this ‘outfit’, and to those who do not understand that they can appear with an ‘apparently’ broken skirt. In this sense, some of the negative messages that the interpreter has had to suffer have been: “How bad she always dresses”, “The hole in the navel is a fatal decision”, “What an unfortunate dress” or “Very beautiful, but that locker room for nothing.”

Ester Expósito has not commented on these criticisms that, unfortunately, are increasingly common on social networks. And, with this style, she has once again shown that when it comes to fashion she dares everything.. Will we see more ripped on the red carpets from now on?

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