With the arrival of the first rains of autumn, it’s time to do the wardrobe change and save the sandals until next summer. A temporary farewell that goes, however, hand in hand with a welcome that we love: it is time to recover the Sneakers and check which ones are trending in the street style.

If a few months ago, all insiders they were behind the imitation low cost from Zara of the legendary Gazelle, it seems that searches are now concentrating on models suitable for rainy days. Therefore, it is not surprising that the new waterproof Converse have crept into the favorites for the autumn-winter season. And, unlike fabric boots, they are made of synthetic leather that repels water.

What are the new Converse called?

In addition to the waterproof fabric, they stand out for the track sole with a platform.
In addition to the waterproof fabric, they stand out for the track sole with a platform.

The new waterproof Converse that are causing a sensation among sports shoe lovers are the Run Star Hike Platform Leather. A model that was already part of the brand’s catalog but is committed to renewal this fall by changing the fabric of the boot: Instead of fabric, the upper part is water-repellent grain leather.

In addition to the high cut, these Converse have a large extra large toothed platform which offers complete protection, isolating the foot from the ground, cold and rain. Of course, without failing to ventilate the foot: they have a mesh lining for greater breathability.

Available in all sizes, from 35 to 47, and for 130 euros, these sneakers meet all the requirements to sell out soon. The color, raw in contrast to the white of the sole and with an embossed texture to give it an original touch that will enhance any style of the street style.

Although the launch of the Run Star Hike Platform Leather from Converse is the news that we all wanted to read, They are not the only waterproof sports shoes Of the brand. On the web, in fact, there is a category where they bring together all those that repel water and are, therefore, perfect for autumn, such as the Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged 2.0 Counter Climate, the Chuck Taylor All Star City Trek or All Star Lugged 2.0 Platform Counter Climate Extra High, among other proposals.

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