What we know about Minecraft update 1.21

Mojang studio showed the first teaser of update 1.21 for Minecraft: in addition to the new mob that won the recent vote, it will add sets of blocks and new mechanics to the game – challenge rooms. PC Gamer Portal collected everything we know about the update so far.

When will update 1.21 be released?

So far, the developers have not announced the exact release date for the update, but most likely it will be released in mid-2024. At least, this assumption can be made based on the release schedule of previous patches: both 1.20 and 1.19 were released in June of their respective years.

What blocks will appear in 1.21

  • Crafter. Automated crafting station based on red dust.
  • Copper light bulb. Copper finished light source.
  • Test spawner. New enemy spawner that rewards the player for killing certain enemies.

Mojang claims that the new challenge rooms are built using copper and volcanic blocks. If you look closely at the video that the developers published in honor of the announcement of the update, you can also notice copper doors and stained glass windows. The blocks that look like the new version of stone bricks are most likely volcanic bricks.

What mobs will appear in 1.21

At the moment we know of two creatures: one hostile monster and a neutral animal.

  • The Breeze is a blue-violet creature whose arms and head are covered in wind. The monster attacks with streams of wind that explode when they hit a player or other living creature, after which they are thrown back a little. He moves along the ground by jumping.
  • Armadillo – winner of a recent vote. The small animal lives in warm climates, such as savannah. When killing an armadillo, players can obtain its plates, which can be used to make armor for tamed wolves.

How test rooms work

In addition, update 1.21 will introduce a new type of structure: test rooms, which can be periodically found underground. Buildings made from new copper and volcanic blocks contain a new spawner. It differs from ordinary ones in that it creates a certain number of enemies, after which it takes a short pause. If the player defeats the opponents, he will receive valuable rewards, and the spawner itself will go to recharge. The Challenge Rooms are also home to a new monster, The Breeze.

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