Veterans Saber and Flying Wild Hog announced role-playing action Babylon X

Mighty Boy Studio, founded by exits from Saber Interactive, Flying Wild Hog and Owlcat Games, has announced sci-fi action RPG Babylon X. The game will be released on PC and unnamed consoles, but the release date is unknown.

The action takes place in an alternative history where people were able to discover magic and began building the Tower of Babel. Humanity is facing an impending apocalypse. Players will learn the story of a former preacher and a young priestess who teamed up to resist the apocalypse.

The developers will focus on creating a human story with an emotional and personal touch – during the journey, the main characters will discover themselves, find a new purpose in life, and perhaps even fall in love. Among the sources of inspiration are classic JRPGs, including the Final Fantasy series, as well as action films of the nineties.

The world will be semi-open and with puzzles, and the combat system will have tactical elements and magic. A wide range of weapons, equipment and abilities will also be available in the arsenal, and during the passage you will have to make difficult moral decisions.

Source: Rambler

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