The next Halo title may already be in development

As part of the SG Bitcast podcast, Seasoned Gaming’s editor mentioned that the next Halo title is already in development.

More precisely, the speech touched on the Halo story campaign, which is supposedly created using the Unreal engine. This initiative is part of plans to reshuffle the studio 343 Industries, which relate to the future of the franchise. It is assumed that a new storyline in the universe should be expected only in a couple of years – there are no additional details on this matter.

Previously, 343 Industries lost many of its authors, and later it was hit by layoffs at Microsoft. Xbox Studios head Matt Booty later stated that the studio would still continue to develop Halo, although he did not specify specific plans.

So far, the authors of the series continue to support Halo Infinite multiplayer, although this year the game lost 98% of players on Steam.

On October 17, Infinite will launch its fifth season, called Reckoning, with a new battle pass and maps, and the Extraction mode from Halo 4 will also return.

Source: Rambler

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