The dog will try to break the computer game speed record

The Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) 2024 competition will feature an unusual competitor in the world of speedrunning, and it’s not your average gamer. Meet “Peanut Butter” the Shiba Inu who will take the stage in January to play the 1985 Nintendo NES game Gyromite. The “good boy”‘s job is to follow the commands of his master, the speedrunner JSR, and manipulate the colored platforms on a specially made controller to open and close gates and move platforms in the game.

This is a fun and unconventional way to replace ROB, the legendary Robotic Operating Buddy, which accompanied some versions of the NES in the 80s. In July of this year, a gamer dog already tried to speedrun Gyromite, spending just over 25 minutes on it. The dog’s owner, JSR, noted that the Shiba Inu has spent years preparing for this feat, and the appearance at AGDQ will be the culmination of their efforts to demonstrate Peanut Butter’s exceptional skills.

Source: Rambler

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