The authors of Gwent have released the latest update for the game

The creators of Gwent from CD Project RED have released update 11.10 for the card game from the Witcher universe, which will be the last from the developers.

Update 11.10 will be released tomorrow. This is the last update that we have made. In the future, how cards change in GWENT will depend on you.

The authors have organized a “Balance Council”, which in the future will allow users to support the game themselves. Fans will now vote on that same balance, which is planned to be held once a month.

To participate in the voting, you must have at least 1 level of prestige, pro-rank, or win 25 ranked games in the current season. Users will select three cards that can change their recruitment cost and strength. In each group there can be a maximum of only 15 changes per vote (a change requires at least 50 votes).

In addition, update 11.10 added the ability to customize the overlap of the standard notch area for iPhone and iPad, and also made changes to the characteristics of a number of cards – details can be found on the update page.

Gwent was released on PC, PlayStation and Xbox in 2018, and later the game reached iOS and Android.

Source: Rambler

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