The authors of Apex Legends showed an epic trailer with the heroine from the new season

Respawn Entertainment showed a fresh trailer for Apex Legends, which was timed to coincide with the imminent start of the Ignition season. It will start on October 31, and the new heroine will be Conduit, who is the central character of the video.

Conduit has already received an animated video with a backstory – she is called a little legend with titanic optimism and a desire to achieve greatness through good deeds. A new Battle Pass with rewards will also be available in the upcoming season. A gameplay trailer for Ignition will be shown on October 26.

Apex Legends is currently hosting a collection event, and Respawn recently revealed a cookbook with recipes from the game’s universe. The third episode of the cartoon “Murder Code” has also become available for viewing.

Source: Rambler

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