The authors of Alan Wake 2 revealed the reason for the game’s high system requirements

This week the developers Alan Wake 2 from Remedy revealed full system requirements of the game. Many gamers were extremely unhappy, because to run the title at minimum settings at 1080p they would need an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 video card.

A Remedy employee explained that the reason for such high requirements was the Mesh Shaders technology. Unfortunately, Nvidia 10th and AMD 5000 series video cards do not support it. The developer has already deleted her post due to angry comments from players, but the Internet remembers everything.

Alan Wake 2 is a sequel to Alan Wake, which will tell about the new madness that has gripped the writer Alan Wake. Another character will appear in the sequel – FBI agent Saga Anderson, who will investigate the tragic disappearance of a celebrity.

Alan Wake 2 will be released on October 27 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

Source: Rambler

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