Tangle Tower, Storyteller and others: fresh games for Android and iOS

October promises to be perhaps the loudest period of this year for the gaming industry. And mobile games are no exception! Portal pocketgamer.com told about five new releases for iOS and Android.


A charming puzzle game about writing fairy tales has now appeared on mobile platforms. Storyteller invites the player to put together his story: it offers background, characters and events that make up comedies, tragedies and simply funny situations. The mobile version, published by Netflix, received additional levels, new themes and characters.


If you were looking for a match 3 puzzle game that gives the player maximum control over the process, then PUZZUP AMITOI is a great candidate. The main mechanic of the game is that you can change the direction of the blocks: this allows you to endlessly optimize the passage of each level.


A brutal metroidvania where the player has to survive in a world inspired by the horrors of G.F. Lovecraft. A huge arsenal of weapons, a detailed world, wonderful pixel art and animations, a solid leveling system… In other words, if you’re in the mood for something addictive, then Elderand is unlikely to disappoint.

Battlesmiths: Blade and Forge

A large cross-platform project, which was worked on by former employees of OwlCat Games, Plarium, Playrix and Riot Games. Battlesmiths is a strategy RPG set in the Middle Ages, where the player will command his own group of mercenaries in large-scale battles. In addition to traditional things for the genre, the game also offers an exciting story campaign.

Tangle Tower

Finally, Tangle Tower was also released on mobile phones: a detective puzzle where the player needs to unravel a mysterious murder in a strange mansion. Moreover, the word “untangle” here is not an exaggeration. Gathering evidence, interrogating suspects and deduction play a really important role. Additionally, Tangle Tower has a charming aesthetic, well-written dialogue, and great music.

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