Starfield at maximum speed? New gameplay of the most expensive game in history has been released

Cloud Imperium Games studio has published a 27-minute gameplay of the story campaign of the space simulator Star Citizen.

It’s called Squadron 42, and it will allow you to fly through seamless space and complete missions with famous actors like Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson and Gary Oldman. Star Citizen has been called one of the most expensive games in history. The Cloud Imperium Games team has already raised over $600 million for its development.

With such cosmic budgets, the project still does not have an exact release date, so some on the Internet have nicknamed it a “financial pyramid.” Currently, Squadron 42 is in the “polishing” stage, so there is no exact release date yet.

It was previously reported that it could be released in 2023-2024. The full release of Star Citizen is expected before the end of 2027. Header photo: Star Citizen

Source: Rambler

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