NVIDIA will release an RTX 4080 Super video card with 20 GB of video memory – VideoCardz

NVIDIA is preparing a new video card GeForce RTX 4080 Super, which will be more powerful than the regular RTX 4080, but noticeably inferior to the RTX 4090. How reports VideoCardz publication, citing several of its sources, the new graphics accelerator can immediately receive 20 GB of video memory.

However, there are no other details of the chip yet. Insiders note that the RTX 4080 Super will receive a 320-bit bus and an AD102 chip instead of AD103. If NVIDIA If you choose this option, then the upcoming video card will be an excellent solution for those who do not have enough 16 GB of video memory in the regular RTX 4080.

The RTX 4080 Super doesn’t even have an approximate release date yet. Apparently, the announcement of the video card will take place in the coming months.

Source: Rambler

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