NVIDIA will raise the cost of subscription to the GeForce NOW service in Europe and Canada

Mid October NVIDIA announced about increasing prices for the GeForce NOW cloud service in a number of regions. Already on November 1, the cost of a monthly subscription will increase in Europe from € 10 to € 11, and for the maximum version – to € 22 from € 20. Tariffs in Armenia, which are also used in Russia, will remain the same.

Residents of Canada will suffer the most – for six months of a basic subscription they will have to pay $70 instead of the usual $50. In other countries, including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland and the UK, prices will increase slightly.

GeForce NOW is a cloud service that allows you to run games remotely using streaming technology. The basic version of the subscription supports 1080p resolution and 60 FPS, the maximum plan provides 4K gaming and 120 frames per second.

Source: Rambler

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