Nouns sensationally beat Tundra Esports at The International 2023 in Dota 2

The American team nouns unexpectedly beat the reigning world champions from Tundra Esports in the match for seeding in the playoffs at The International 2023 by Dota 2.

On the second map, the team of Nicholas Gunnar Lopez surprised the favorite with a pick of Ogre Magi in the mid – this turned out to be a good decision and allowed the nouns to bring the series to victory.

Thus, nouns entered the upper bracket of the TI12 playoffs and will take at least 9–12th place in the main Dota tournament of the season. Tundra fell into the lower bracket and will leave the tournament after its next loss.

The International 2023 for Dota 2 is taking place these days in Seattle, USA. Participants are fighting for the main trophy of the season and the main cash prize, which exceeds $1.3 million. The total prize fund is about three million dollars.

Source: Rambler

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