Hackers from Ragnar Locker were arrested in Europe – they hacked Capcom and other companies

In the second half of October, the international European police announced about neutralizing the hacker group Ragnar Locker. The department noted that law enforcement agencies managed to arrest a key figure of the organization in Paris, as well as interrogate high-ranking members of the group in Spain and Latvia.

Ragnar Locker is best known for the ransomware virus of the same name, which was used to hack services and companies around the world. One of the victims of hackers in 2020 was Capcom – publisher of Resident Evil, Street Fighter and Monster Hunter. Then the hackers managed to obtain tens of gigabytes of internal company data with personal information about employees and the publishing house’s immediate plans.

Europol said that Ragnar Locker was closed in the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden – the countries where the team’s main European headquarters are located.

Source: Rambler

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