Guide to Jingliu in Honkai: Star Rail

In Honkai: Star Rail, Jingliu has arrived: a sword master, Jing Yuan’s teacher, and a traitor to Xianzhou, maddened by Mara. After the Moon Eater, it seemed that all future attack characters would pale in comparison to him, but Jingliu is more than worthy of attention.

What you need to know about Jingliu

Jingliu is an extremely competitive attack character. She follows in Blade’s footsteps and has many tools to boost her own damage. She also automatically advances her moves, giving her a big action boost throughout the fight. Both of these nuances make Jingliu one of the most flexible units in the game – she can suit a wide variety of teams.

Jingliu’s gameplay is tied to the character’s talent – “Crescent Transmigration”. When using a skill, she receives Syzygy charges (up to a maximum of three); When Jingliu accumulates at least two charges, she automatically enters the transmigration state, which advances the character’s action by 100%. No, this does not count as an extra action: all buffs and debuffs will continue to tick as normal. Additionally, while in the transmigration state, Jingliu’s critical chance increases by 50% (at maximum talent level).

When attacking in Transmigration, Jingliu absorbs 4% of the maximum health of each ally in the team, and then increases the damage of the next attack by 540% of the absorbed health; the final bonus cannot exceed 180% of the attack power of Jingliu herself. The nuance is that in a state of transmigration she cannot use conventional attacks. The skill “Incomprehensible Lightning”, which deals damage to a single target and brings one charge of syzygy, turns into “Moon on a Frozen River”: a powerful explosion that hits three targets. At the same time, the enhanced skill does not consume skill points – it only consumes syzygy charges. Having spent all the syzygy charges, Jingliu exits transmigration.

After this, the cycle begins again. Jingliu accumulates syzygy charges, goes into transmigration, spends the charges, and accumulates them again using the skill. The superpower also provides one charge of Syzygy: for maximum benefit, it should be used in Transmigration to deal more damage and prolong the Transmigration state.

What kind of partners are suitable for Jingliu?

The beauty of Jingliu is that she can fit perfectly into almost any team. She performs equally well as both a main attack character and a support character, thanks to her low skill point consumption. Therefore, a lot depends on what units you have.

  • Blade. In the story, Jingliu and Blade hate each other, but in the game they work well together. Absorbing health in a state of transmigration allows Blade to use his talent much more often – a powerful bonus attack against all opponents.
  • Armor. The best support character for Jingliu due to his powerful buffs. If you combine both heroines in such a way that the Armor speed is only one higher than Jingliu, then she will be able to give her action every turn. Not to mention that Armor’s superpower increases critical damage – the most important parameter for Jingliu.
  • Sang. Excellent support. If you have unlocked Pela’s fourth eidolon, she will further reduce enemy resistance to the ice element – an ideal buff for Jingliu.
  • Fu Xuan. One of the most powerful tanks. Assuming your team can survive the constant health drain, Fu Xuan will provide the maximum attack bonus in Transmigration due to its large health pool. In addition, the Foresight Matrix gives a small increase to the critical attack chance, which can be useful for Jingliu.

Light cones

  1. From now on I will be the sword myself (5 stars, Jingliu signature cone)
  2. About the fall of the Aeon (5 stars)
  3. Brighter than the sun (5 stars)
  4. There’s nowhere to run (4 stars)
  5. Secret oath (4 stars)

Feature Priority

  • Body: Critical Chance and Critical Damage. Jingliu strictly it takes 50% critical chance to consistently land critical attacks while in transmigration state. The higher the crit. damage, the better.
  • Legs: speed.
  • Planar sphere: Ice damage bonus and attack power.
  • Connective ligature: Attack Power.


  • The genius of the diamond stars. Yes, this is a quantum damage set, but it will allow Jingliu to ignore 10% of enemy defense; 20% if the enemy is vulnerable to the quantum element.
  • Glacier Forest Hunter.

Planar decorations

  • Star Arena.
  • Frozen Salsotto.

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